OtoPro is your personal hearing conservation concierge. Dr. Grace Sturdivant completed her Doctorate of Audiology degree from Vanderbilt University Medical School and dove headfirst into the world of diagnosing and treating hearing loss. After working in the medical and research settings, Grace launched her own hearing conservation business, OtoPro. Grace’s expertise allows her to vet, recommend, and provide the ideal product, brands, and manufacturers that are tailored to meet each client’s specific hearing needs.


Dr. Grace is not hired by any one brand. She is continuously vetting options to bring you a professionally curated product offering that will continue to evolve in this ever-changing technology realm. OtoPro’s mission is hearing conservation so that you can continue trading those campfire hunting stories for a lifetime. No matter your needs — whether you’re a hunter, swimmer, pilot, motorcyclist, musician, construction worker, physician, or a light sleeper — Grace will ensure your hearing protection device fits perfectly and aligns with your lifestyle.