Our Story

Growing up in Mississippi, Grace Gore Sturdivant could usually be found singing on stage or in front of a piano. Music – and sound – was where she found the most joy. Little did she know that passion would one day turn into her life’s work.

As the daughter of a speech pathologist, the importance of sound echoed throughout Grace’s time in undergraduate and graduate school. Inspired to pursue a career in audiology, she earned her Doctorate of Audiology degree from Vanderbilt University before diving headfirst into diagnosing and treating hearing loss as Assistant Professor and eventually Vice Chief of Audiology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Compelled to stop the largely preventable issues she saw in the clinic, Grace realized that the lack of convenient appointments and cumbersome medical models kept many of her patients from seeking hearing loss prevention measures before it was too late.

In 2018, OtoPro was born to help people preserve their hearing in a quick, easy, customizable way. The daughter of an avid outdoorsman and hunter, it became apparent that there was a particular need for specialized custom hearing conservation services in outdoor sports. OtoPro has since become a household name in hunting and shooting communities across the United States and Canada, with clientele including Ole Miss Rifle, Primos Hunting, Ducks Unlimited, and the acclaimed MeatEater organization and podcast.

Despite national recognition, Grace's mission remains the same – to help her clients preserve their hearing so they can continue to enjoy the things they love. She strives to meet her clients where they are and has partnered with over 350 audiology clinics nationwide, making her custom services even more accessible to anyone, anywhere.

With the help of her growing team’s expertise, hunters, shooters, motorcyclists, musicians, and anyone exposed to loud noises of any kind are preserving their hearing before it’s gone – and that’s music to Grace’s ears.