Donation Request

At OtoPro, we are committed to supporting charitable causes that resonate with our values and mission. As advocates for hearing conservation and the conservation of natural resources and habitats, we recognize the importance of preserving our natural world and the ability to hear its wonders. 

If your charity or event seeks in-kind donations from OtoPro, complete and submit the following form. While we strive to accommodate as many requests as feasible, please understand that due to the volume of requests, we cannot guarantee fulfillment. In an effort the support more laudable requests, we may offer discounted pricing for your organization so that you may then raffle or auction those contributions at your discretion. 

Thank you for considering OtoPro as a potential partner for your charitable initiatives. We value the opportunity to contribute to causes that foster positive impacts in our communities and the natural world. 


Grace Sturdivant, AuD, CCC-A 

Founder, OtoPro