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    I have to give you one complaint about the earplugs - they made my heart race so high because I could hear every wing beat of the woodies in a 500-yard vicinity. It was chaotic. In short, they're exceptional, I'll probably have to use them duck hunting for the first morning. I can't wait to - seriously, the amplification is nuts.


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I wish I would of started wearing hearing protection years ago but better late than never. Over the past three seasons I’ve tried em all; from your basic foam plugs, to muffs, and electric inserts. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life not able to clearly hear my child’s gurgles as a baby to their first words and so on. I wanted to protect the hearing I had left and so after a bunch of research, I said to hell with it and called called Grace from @otopro_technologies . It was the best hunting and self care decision I ever made and worth every penny. Not only will you be protected from muzzle blast, but you’ll still be able to hear the flutter of wings above and have normal conversations in the duck blind with your podnahs. We’ll buy $1200 waders but not spend a fraction of that on hearing protection? Whatever your budget or situation is… call Grace from @otopro_technologies and let her counsel you on your best course of action with what works for you.



I can’t thank Dr. Sturdivant enough for saving my hearing through her expertise, services, and product. As a hunter, I knew I was endangering my hearing every time I pulled the trigger, but I neglected to do anything about it until last year. The constant ringing after a hunt is no more and I can still hear myself call with the devices in my ears. The custom fitting service was key for me. I knew that when I received my hearing protection, they’d fit perfectly and be comfortable while in the field.


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I have been shooting since I was very young girl which means I have experimented with A LOT of different types of ear protection … And I mean it when I say A LOT. The number one thing that typically lacks, in my personal opinion, is the comfortability over long periods of time. My ear plugs from OtoPro have been the solution to that! I will typically compete for 4-5 hours a day on the weekend and instruct for 7-8 hours a day during the week, having a set of ear protection I don’t want to take out/off every hour or so is HUGE for me! I wear the solid molded model for when I’m competing. I chose this because I don’t want to hear a single soul around me when I’m in the cage. On the other hand, I use the filtered model for when I teach lessons so I can hear my students clearly and nobody has to shout!! Not to mention, the pink and purple swirls with sparkles are really really pretty and just my style! I can’t express how happy I am to have met Dr. Grace and learn the importance of a proper fitting pair of ear protection!



Once you have a set of these [hearing protection devices], OtoPro's offering comes through, all on its own. You can hear clearly, hardly feel them in your ears, and can even take calls or listen to music if you want.



As an avid turkey hunter, I must be able to hear a bird gobble to locate him to increase my chances of a successful harvest. Dr. Sturdivant has opened my eyes to the serious, long-term issues associated with muzzle blasts and fitted me with custom hearing protection to save my hearing so I can enjoy the sport for years to come. My only regret is not acting sooner than I did.



Custom ear protection from Grace at OtoPro makes shooting with a group so much more fun. You can communicate for fun and safety without having to take off your ‘ears’ when somebody is trying to talk to you or time it to when nobody is shooting. Get some. Your spouse/children/business partners/ everybody who is tired of repeating themselves 100 times will thank you.


It doesn't matter if you are an avid hunter or a paper puncher, protection your hearing while engaging in any shooting sport is a must. Want to hear the wing beats of the waterfowl overhead, the deer walking through the woods, or your shooting partner talk on the range; and be able to listen to music or a podcast or take a phone call all with the same comfortable hearing protection device? That is exactly what the hearing protection OtoPro sourced for me does! The service from OtoPro and Dr. Sturdivant are second to none.



Reasons to use OtoPro as your hearing specialist: Main reason is stupid people need help often. 9 days before dove season I lose 1 of my custom fitted ear peace’s. I text Grace and with in mins I was on a group text with herself and her team to put together a plan. They made a few phone calls and within mins the ball was rolling. 6 days later her team sees it’s not going to make it to me in time so they track down the package and has ups change delivery to over night status. You tell me what other company would do this !! Received my custom ears today and they fit perfectly. Second, my custom ears was well over 2 yrs old and she still had them on file !! This is just amazing within its self.  Third, I’m a nobody and was treated like I’m the most important person they have ever done business with. Finally, you are not just a number with Grace and her team!! Big hugs and kisses to the OtoPro team for their outstanding work.