Giving Has Always Been At the Heart Of OtoPro

At OtoPro, giving back makes us smile from ear to ear.

At OtoPro Technologies, we believe that doing good makes what we do better. From hearing and speech nonprofits to wildlife conservation, OtoPro supports a wide variety of philanthropic efforts that help our larger community be their best. Dr. Grace Sturdivant, owner and founder of OtoPro, has routinely been a part of humanitarian efforts since a young age. During her time as part of the Miss America Organization, she founded her nonprofit, Graceful Sounds, Inc., to provide hearing aids and audiology services to kids in need. Now, she's expanding upon those original efforts with her Administrator and Coordinator, Jennifer Stewart, to extend OtoPro's scope of giving back.

One organization that is at the heart of OtoPro's values is Jackson, Mississippi-based Magnolia Speech School, a pioneering educational center that has provided the latest in techniques and technology for children with speech and language disorders since 1956. By offering early intervention and comprehensive resources alongside a nurturing family of providers and instructors, Magnolia works with their students to "graduate" into traditional classroom settings as early as possible to lead a well-rounded, enriched life.

Operating as a not-for-profit, Magnolia never turns a child and their family away based on financial status. However, the average annual cost of education is $28,000 and coupled with needed building improvements, the school relies on the generosity of donors. That is why OtoPro Technologies is proud to be a part of Magnolia Speech School's capital campaign, where over $8 million has been raised in building a state-of-the-art facility in Madison, Mississippi to maximize care and welcome even more students to unlock their potential.

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OtoPro also gives back to a number of organizations that help support land conservation, wildlife sustainability, best hunting practices, and more.

For a full list of OtoPro-supported nonprofits and to learn more about them, see below.