Interchangeable Fidelity Filters

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Filters are interchangeable in both the custom and OtoPro Impulse noncustom options.

Maintain music fidelity at a safer volume.

Normal earplugs have a tendency to provide too little attenuation for bass and too much attenuation for treble. This unequal reduction of sounds results in muffled, boomy sound quality. This specialized filter provides a much more even attenuation across frequencies to keep music quality and speech clarity intact, while bringing the overall volume down.  

The filter is also breathable, allowing for ear ventilation and improved comfort as well as pressure regulation for flying.

Fidelity filters are perfect when:

  • You want to preserve the quality of sound with minimal muffling (live music)
  • You struggle with hypersensitivity to sound and need to “take the edge off” in certain moderately loud situations (Those with hyperacusis often desire reduction in road noise, movie theater volume, city traffic noise)
  • You desire a moderate reduction in overall volume with ventilation and pressure equalization (flight passengers)
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