Interchangeable Industrial Filters

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Filters are interchangeable in both the custom and OtoPro Impulse noncustom options.

26dB of attenuation from bass to treble for loud, continuous noises.

The Industrial filters are designed to provide relatively flat attenuation to remove low frequency noise and to aid communication, then a progressive attenuation increase at approximately 4kHz to further dampen damaging high frequency sounds.

These filters ensure the ear remains ventilated to minimize the "boomy" quality of your own voice, avoid irritation in the ear canal, and maximize all-day comfort.

Industrial filters are perfect when:

  • Your environment is exceptionally loud for prolonged periods of time
  • Your environment has a concentration of noise in the low pitches/bass (some tractors, engine noise, small planes) 
  • You desire sound reduction close to solid earplugs, but with ventilation and pressure equalization.
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